Oma Amie

Pagi ini Amie mengajakku sarapan bersama. Aku duduk disebelah Amie sambil menikmati roti dan susu yang telah disiapkannya. Pagi ini Amie tidak ceria seperti biasanya, wajahnya pucat, dan Ia tidak berhenti batuk. Sakit batuk yang dideritanya selama tiga bulan terakhir ini, telah membuat hidup Amie berubah. Amie jadi lebih sering di rumah menonton TV, ketimbang merawat perkebunan mawarnya.

Amie biasa memanggilku Jimi. Sudah hampir 5 tahun ini aku menemani Amie, awalnya perempuan berumur 68 tahun ini memang tinggal sendirian karena  kedua anak lelakinya, Eduard dan Erick sudah menetap dan berkeluarga di Jakarta. Continue reading


City Adventure Through My Sketch – NYC


Yellow Cab – New York Afternoon

New York, concrete jungle where dreams are made of
There’s nothin’ you can’t do
Now you’re in New York
These streets will make you feel brand new
Big lights will inspire you
Let’s hear it for New York, New York,
New York

– Empire State of Mind; Jay-Z feat. ALicia Keys

I Made Faces

Last week I met Sharita,  my friend from Jakarta. we worked at the same office last year, but now she’s working at Biersdorf Jakarta, and I’m working at my husband’s studio in Bandung. She had something to do with her office’s event in Bandung, she called me and asking if I had time to catch up..and there we were last week. That time, She showed me a picture that she found from Pinterest, and said that she made that picture as her iphone casing. Well, when I saw the picture I said : ” I can re-draw that picture..” She said: “Ooo really…? Can you?? I wanna see it… I’v never know u can draw.” Hohoho you underestimated me, my friend….

And this is the picture that I re-drew.. Never thought that I can draw faces, but this is one is good enogh for my first attempt… Well done… 🙂


what do you guys think?

DIY Batik Skirt from Raw Fabric

If  you have some raw batik fabric, these are some steps to make it become a unique skirt and how to make it doesn’t sag easily.


What you need:
– Raw Batik fabric sized: 150cmx120cm
– Soft rope or belt
– Double sided tape

1st step: Lay down the Batik and open it widely.

2nd step: Put the rope/belt in the middle of batik that make the batik divided into 2 part; up and down. Continue reading

My Art Experiment

Since my resignation from my last job, I’ve been tried everything to keep me busy everyday…reading, cooking, traveling, but my favourite is drawing. Sometimes I use pencil colour, or pastel oil. I really enjoy sketching, choose & mixing colours and making texture. Of course I’m not as talented as a professional artist. It’s just a hobby and with my limited both knowledge and experience, let’s just call it: My Art Experiment. hope people can enjoy them… 🙂

This is the model that I tried to copy.

This is the model that I tried to copy.

And…. Ya, this is it… the result.. please don’t laugh….

Continue reading